Optimize an existing product.

We optimize your existing product to drive business outcomes.

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We work with partners to develop new features or optimize existing features to drive business outcomes. We align new or evolving user needs with your existing product to enhance customer value and engagement.
How we can help.

I have an idea (many ideas!) but I’m not sure where to start optimizing my product.

We work with founders to define the business opportunity and frame customer value hypotheses into solutions, a set of testable prototypes, and a framework for evaluating results.

I have signals that things aren't working in my current product but I don't know where to start.

We work with teams to evaluate current, evolving, or new user needs and existing functionality. We develop solutions for these needs into testable prototypes with a framework for evaluating results against business goals.

I want to supercharge my team working on product optimization.

We partner with teams to accelerate their optimization process and harden their analytical rigor by working closely with operators on the product, design, and engineering teams to create and test clear hypothesis that drive customer value and business outcomes.

Our process
Over the course of the project we will:
1. Revisit and frame the product
2. Iterate and test the product
3. Transition the work
Process typically takes 3-4 months.
1. Revisit and frame the product
We start by working with you to revisit the opportunity and frame the customer problem you're solving.
Revisit the existing customer and problem
Understand the target/new customer and problem
Reasses the solution and value proposition(s)
Refine user goals and journey
Discuss ways to solve key user goals and prioritize them based on business impact
2. Iterate and test the product
We take the inputs/value hypotheses from Phase 1 to reassess the user experience
We design UX flows, low fidelity wireframes, and move on to high fidelity mocks or prototypes as we validate feedback from users
We establish a testing team, plan, and approach, reporting iteratively on learnings
3. Transition the work
We collaborate with you to transition work and learnings
We harden the UI and UX patterns and aligned processes or infrastructure
Project Examples
We worked with a company in the moving space who provides users with options for pre-move, physical relocation, and post move services. We partnered with the founding team to test multiple options for product investment and optimization. We ran a lightweight, high velocity process for rapid testing and learning and ultimately separated interesting concepts from clear user interest and intent signals. This enabled the founding team to codify corporate strategy and product roadmap priorities.
Digital relocation services
We established a UX framework and set of templates for testing all concepts in a consistent process that fed into a robust analysis methodology.
Optimize an existing product: B2C moving company
We created and tested over 20 concepts in 6 weeks; only concepts that met a previously and consistently defined success threshold for interest and intent to purchase graduated to the next level of testing.
Level 2 testing included value and pricing optionality; after similar quantitative analysis, those with promising interest and intent signals were further analyzed for deep UX testing optionality. Roughly 30% of total tests graduated to Level 2.
Level 3 testing focused on a real life user experience through hardened UI patterns informed by previous testing. Only 1 experience for each customer segment graduated to this level. Testing at this level focused on optimizing the interest to intent funnel and pushing into priorities for product development and operationalizing the solution.

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