What is this offering?

Foundations is about structuring ideas in a way that can be validated quickly and effectively. The goal is to discover what real people value so you and your team can build things you are confident people are interested in using.

How does it work?

You come with a bunch of product or business ideas that you need to prioritize for building.

We collaborate to organize these ideas into needs-based, testable value propositions and validate them with real people giving you insight into who is interested in what and why.

This is a 6 week commitment broken into two parts.

Part 1 focuses on structuring ideas and defining audiences.

Part 2 focuses on validation of ideas with real audiences.

Part 1: Week 1
Create need-centric audience(s)
Define the target audience(s) from a needs-centric perspective
Part 1: Week 2
Prioritize the target audience
Translate value propositions
Evaluate target audience(s) and prioritize one for evaluating with real prospective users

Translate problem / needs into testable value propositions for prioritized target audience
Part 1: Week 3
Identify real prospective users
Develop validation readiness plan
Identify where real prospective users can be sourced for testing

Understand what it takes to get these tests live from a resourcing and infrastructure perspective
Break if necessary to prepare for testing
Part 2: Week 4
Codify methodology and success metrics
Set up tests
Agree on what success looks like and get tests set up
Part 2: Week 5
Validate or invalidate value propositions with real prospective users
Run value proposition tests with real prospective users
Part 2: Week 6
Analyze results and implications
Understand which value propositions are validated or invalidated by real prospective users

For validated value props understand what to do next to start building

What do I get?

You get insight into whether any of the needs-based value propositions you are considering building...

...have a strong enough interest signal to proceed based on real prospective user feedback.

Create a strong foundation for your product by testing clear value propositions with real people.

Join our private beta kicking off March 2022.

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Do you have an example?

We worked closely with the founding software team at an established motherhood company to assess where they could confidently begin software investment and building.

We were looking for the tip of the spear - where there was strong enough interest with real prospective users - to proceed confidently with iterative design and development.

Our collaboration yielded a clear signal for which value propositions were interesting to real people and which were perceived as uninteresting or commoditized.

The founding software team is actively building expertise and technology to create a uniquely differentiated offering, where they are confident the need is real.

Currently, a significant set of real people who expressed interest in using a future product are actively engaged in beta testing a more complete product offering - built on the foundation of validated value propositions.

Join our private beta to build foundations for your product. Kicking off March 2022.

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