Launch a new product and brand.

We bring your initial concept to life with a cohesive product and brand.

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We work with early stage partners to define and launch MVP products and brands in parallel. We've learned from experience that great product not only informs the brand but is the brand. A strong understanding of user need creates the foundation for both product and brand.
How we can help.

I need to launch a new product and brand.

We work with founders to define and frame the customer problem into a solution and functional product with a clear value prop underpinning both the product and the brand.

I have a product roadmap and need to make sure I launch with a cohesive brand.

We partner with founding teams to align product vision and roadmap into a customer-centric solution that's positioned and branded to meet the needs of your target audience.

I have to get to market quickly and evolve the product and brand as I go.

We start with a deep understanding of user needs to enable founding teams to build a strong foundation of value propositions and functional benefits to iterate product and brand over time.

Our process
Over the course of the project we will:
1. Define and frame the MVP product and brand
2. Create and test the product and structure the brand
3. Transition the work
Process typically takes 3-4 months.
1. Define and frame MVP product and brand
Define target customers and user personas
Conduct light weight research on competitors
Build a brand architecture (including target users, assumptions on users, knowns and unknowns about users)
Then we define the functional benefits of the product and frame the emotional benefits for users.
We start by working with you to define the opportunity and frame customer problem you're solving.
Understand the target customer and problem
Define the solution and value proposition(s)
Define user goals and journey
Discuss ways to solve key user goals and prioritize them based on impact
2. Create and test the product and structure the brand.
We take the inputs from Phase 1 to create the user experience
We design UX flows, low fidelity wireframes, and move on to high fidelity mocks or prototypes as we validate feedback from users
We create and design multiple visual territories and validate brand concepts against the brand architecture
We establish a testing team, plan, and approach, reporting iteratively on learnings

3. Transition the work
We collaborate with you to transition work and learnings as well as the brand style guide into the most critical touch points
We harden the UI and UX patterns and aligned processes and infrastructure

We structure the brand elements into a system that can be scaled across channels

Branding on the run

Project Examples
We worked closely with the founding team of Rho to create an MVP product and brand. Our collaboration resulted in the launch of their first platform product and brand presence and established a UX foundation for on-going product and brand iteration.
The team came to us with a need to launch an MVP product with a cohesive brand for their first launch.
MVP Product and Brand: B2B business banking platform
We worked closely with the founders to establish a UX and UI skeleton for the team to build future iterations of the product. We brought the product to launch and transitioned out after the team secured a successful round of funding.

Establishing a UX foundation

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