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We work with partners to develop the right core product functionality and differentiated feature set to establish a market leading product. We define your position in the market relative to customer needs and competitor solutions and build a design and development plan to take a value-based leadership position.
How we can help.

I have an MVP in market but I'm not sure what to prioritize next.

We work with founding teams to revisit initial target customer  needs, clearly define gaps in current functionality, and informed by the market thoughtfully prioritize a roadmap to strategically close gaps as well as innovate and delight users.

I have a product that users seem to like but it's not scaling as expected.

We work with founding teams to assess how the current user base aligns to existing functionality. In parallel we assess which other solution(s) this user base leverages and in what circumstances. We then craft a roadmap to build a best in class one stop shop solution for target users.

I have so many user asks, I don't know which ones will really move the needle for my business.

We work with founding teams to revisit the initial business opportunity. We assess how many different customer segments the product currently supports and the competitive set and market opportunity for each segment's needs. We are then able to priotize which segments to double down on enabling with this product and which to consider supporting with future offerings.

Our process
Over the course of the project we will:
1. Revisit and frame the product
2. Iterate and test the product
3. Define and frame the market
4. Transition the work
Process typically takes 4-6 months.
1. Revisit and frame the product
We start by working with you to revisit the opportunity and frame the customer problem you're solving.
Revisit the target customer and problem
Reasses the solution and value proposition(s)
Revisit user goals and journey
Discuss ways to solve key user goals and prioritize them based on impact
2. Iterate and test the product
We take the inputs from Phase 1 to reassess the user experience
We design UX flows, low fidelity wireframes, and move on to high fidelity mocks or prototypes as we validate feedback from users
We establish a testing team, plan, and approach, reporting iteratively on learnings
3. Define and frame the market
We work with you to dig deeper in the market opportunity and clarify your position
Define the competive set through a framework of value (and price if relevant) 
Define the market size and quantify the market opportunity for your product
Define your current position in the market relative to competitors and alternative solutions
Frame your future position in th market and identify the priorities to get there
4. Transition
We collaborate with you to transition work and learnings
We harden the product and market assessment and validation processes or infrastructure
Our process
Project Examples
Finding Product Market Fit
We worked closely with the founding team of Hammerhead to establish product market fit for a V1 product by defining the core customer segment and target market. Our collaboration yielded a product strategy, roadmap, and go-to-market approach for scaling this offering into a market leading position.
We started by creating a framework for organizing all possible customer segments, forming the baseline for structured user research.
We found early signals that there was clear customer demand and a market for the product; the question was with which specific customer segments?
Codifying user journeys and personas enabled us to isolate value drivers and directly compare specific customer needs across competitive products.

Multiple phases of deep user research and feature tradeoff testing enabled the creation of a price/value map, which provided clear visibility into the current product's market position vs. the competition and crystallized future product roadmap priorities for taking a market leading approach.
Our enagagement enabled the Hammerhead founding team to focus product development and go-to-market efforts on a core customer segment that was active and ready to engage with the brand, driving an upward inflection of sales and revenue within the quarter.

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